A Practical Solution to Integrated Building Services Design

Sustainable Design Partnership was established in 2009 by experienced Building Services Engineer, Kevin Eaton. We specialise in a wide variety of mechanical and electrical engineering services specialising in design, consultation and design verification.

No matter what service you require, we will provide customised solutions for you. Each job, whether complex or simple, is approached with the same high-quality level of service by our cohesive team. Understanding every project is unique, our hand-picked team members work closely with clients and see the project through to completion, ensuring client expectations are achieved through a seamless and integrated approach.

About Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the founder and director of Sustainable Design Partnerships and has 42 years of industry experience. As a consulting Building Services Engineer, with additional certifications in Heating, Ventilating and Airconditioning  and construction, Kevin is recognised as an expert in his field.

In addition to his qualifications, Kevin is a Member of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating (MAIRAH), a Queensland Registered Professional Engineer, a Member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia, and was an Accredited Assessor of the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating from 2004-2007.

Over the course of his career, in addition to mainstream building services projects, Kevin has been heavily involved in the planning, design, installation and construction phases of a diverse range of highly-specialised engineering projects, spanning health and laboratory, utilities, education and defence. Kevin is passionate about his work and most importantly, providing a superior quality, client-focused service to achieve optimal as well as cost-effective project outcomes, each and every time.

Our Name

We take a practical approach towards design, focusing not only on making our designs sustainable, but also practical and highly functional. We won’t simply choose the “greenest” materials at the expensive of other considerations; instead, we will look at the entire life cycle of the materials we use to ensure its’ sustainability isn’t, for example, compromised by the energy used to create it.

One of the more self-explanatory elements of our business name and a core part of our work – we design, and, based on our experience and fields of study, we put in the time necessary and do it very efficiently and very well. We create holistic designs for our clients which meet our clients’ needs and that help them get the most out of their space. We’re not afraid to push the boundaries and work on complex projects. What drives us is our clients’ best interests/expectations, which are always paramount in our focus.

Finally, we see our client relationship as a partnership, rather than us simply working for them. In this context, we are committed to building a relationship. We see the design and consultation process as a collaboration, bouncing ideas off each other to agree on the final vision. We listen to our clients’ needs, unique challenges and expectations, and involve them in the entire resolution process, offering honest, professional advice along the way.